• The local authority by-laws relating to pets will be strictly enforced within the Development.
  • Without the written approval of the Eldo Lakes Estate no person may keep more than two dogs and two cats on a property.
  • No poultry, pigeons, aviaries, wild animals or livestock may be kept within the Development.
  • Pets are not allowed to roam the streets
  • Pets must be walked on a leash in public open areas
  • Should any excrement be deposited in a street or other public open areas, the owner of the pet shall immediately remove it.
  • Every pet must wear a collar with a tag indicating the name, telephone number and address of its owner. Stray pets without identification tags till be apprehended and handed to the Municipal Pound.
  • Eldo Lakes Estate reserves the right to have a pet removed should it become a nuisance. The removal shall be carried out by an independent contractor contracted by the Eldo Lakes Estate. The costs of the removal shall be for the account of the Member and shall form part of the levy. Eldo Lakes Estate has an unfettered discretion in this regard within the ambit of the law, but will not exercise the said right without first having directed a written notice to the Member furnishing details of the complaint and the complainant and affording the Member a reasonable opportunity to eliminate the cause of the complaint.