Procedures & Approvals

All Site Development Plans (hereafter referred to as SDP’s) and building plans are to be submitted to the Company for approval. Note that interpretations, exceptions and waivers of any provisions of these Architectural Guidelines are subject to the controlling architect’s approval.

ARCA Architects has been appointed by the Company as the controlling architects to develop the Architectural Guidelines to guide the project aesthetics and quality. ARCA Architects will examine these plans and make recommendations to the Company. Only after ARCA’s written approval can the owner submit these plans to the relevant Local Authority. All approvals must be handed in at the offices of ARCA on any Tuesday before 12pm by appointment.

All plans for the construction of or alterations to, buildings must be prepared by a registered professional architect or an approved designer.

To contact ARCA Architects:

The Plan Approval Application Form also needs to be completed when submitting plans to ARCA