Boundary Walls & Fences

As a general rule boundary walls are not encouraged. However, where it is a matter of privacy such as around swimming pools, boundary walls may be built according to the following Architectural Guidelines:

• The street front boundary can be without any fencing.
• A maximum height of 1200mm for fencing/ walls will be permitted on the street boundary. No continuous walls will be allowed. Continuous walls may not be longer than 1/5 of the total street boundary length.
• Screen walls to a height of 2100mm can only be used for screening of pools, patios, and kitchen yards. These street boundaries walls must be approved in writing by the HOA. The 2100mm walls can never exceed 50% of the total street boundary length and must be broken up in its design to not form a continuous single element.
• If any fencing is needed on the park open space boundary, it can only be 1000mm high and of a ‘see through’ type (no solid walls will be permitted). The controlling architect must approve the design of the fence along with the approval of the construction documentation.
• The sidewalls between properties may be built to a maximum height of 2100mm to screen of pools, patios and kitchen yards for privacy. No 2100mm screen wall may be built within the 5m street building line (see also 2.4.1) and it may also not project beyond the 2m park setback line
• All stands within the 100-year flood line to have openings in walls of 1000x300mm every 3m length. Openings to be filled in with approved palisade fence.

Specific Exclusions

• Concrete panel walls
• Barbed wire fencing
• Diamond mesh fencing
• Unplastered brick or block walls
• Face brick walls
• Log type fences
• No electrical fences will be allowed within the Development, with exception to estate