House form and external wall treatment

The desired variety of building facades is achieved from different combinations of similar materials, shapes and colors. The maximum permitted roof gable width (single and double storey) is 8m per roof element. Rough plaster finishes and/or bagging capitalize on the rural imagery of all the chosen styles. Plinths/bases of textured plaster or stone may be used. Brick (face or semi-face) may only be used as identifiable feature walls and must be red in color.
Individual feature walls/chimneys in natural stone would be allowed.

Specific Exclusions

• Decorative plaster such as Spanish plaster
• Ornate moldings
• Pre-cast concrete building elements are discouraged (simple copings, column caps and window sills are in order.)
• Face or semi-face brick as main wall element.

General Inclusions

• Smooth or textured plaster
• Bagged brickwork
• Approved coloured plaster
• Natural rock