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Drilling of new boreholes in Eldo Lakes Estate are prohibited due to the risk of dolomite instability. If permission is obtained from Council by the owner and a certification by a professional registered person is obtained, the HOA will reconsider its position.

Solar Enrolment

    The procedure for installing Solar Systems in the estate:
    1. Provide details of the location of the solar panels to the HOA, this can be emailed to and Laetitia at GLC Services.
    2. Once approved by the HOA, finish the solar system installation
    3. Get a COC from the installer / electrician
    4. Register the system on this page
    5. Request that the HOA approves the bi-directional meter to Impact Meters - you can email Laetitia at GLC Services
    6. Pay Impact for a bi-directional meter using your account number as reference
    7. Impact will then liaise with you on when the bi-directional meter is installed

    Impact Metering can supply you with a bi-directional meter if your inverter is able to push power back into the grid. the charge for one of these is R515 (price May 2022).

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