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Penalty System

Transgression / OffenceFine per trangression
Irresponsible/reckless or careless driving including speeding, disobeying road signs, etc.R 1 000
Illegal parking – on pavements, sidewalks and streetsR 300
Driving without a license or an unlicensed vehicleR 300
Driving a vehicle in an off-limit area – pavements, the park on the Eastern sideR 300
Noisy vehiclesR 300
Parking trailers, boats, caravans, equipment etc. in view from the streetR 300
Creating a public nuisance-noise generated by music, electronic instruments, partying and activities of residents and their employeesR 500
Treating the security staff in an abusive mannerR 600
Non-compliance of the conduct rules and/or security rulesR 600
Noisy equipment- using mechanical equipment outside the permissible hoursR 300
Pets roaming the streets or public placesR 300
Keeping more than two dogs or two cats without written approvalR 300
Barking dogs- pets becoming a nuisance on the EstateR 300
Illegal dumping by residents and contractorsR 600
Littering by any person on the EstateR 300
Burning of rubbish or making any fire on the EstateR 1 000
Hanging of washing on balconies or over walls and gates in view from the streetR 300
Damage to curbs, light poles, pavements, plants irrigation etc.R 300
Illegal utility connections- temporary connection of utility services 
Not following or a breach of the building rules as set out in the MOI and other building related rulesR 10 000
Contractors working outside the permitted working hoursR 600
Contractors not keeping their sites clean and tidyR 1 000
Contractor workers walking on the Estate outside their normal place of workR 500
Damage by contractors to curbs, plants, light poles, payments, irrigation etc.R 600
Having a non-registered/illegal worker on siteR 500
Not complying with aesthetic guidelines.  First offence and warning issuedR 500
Fail to commence with building within 12 months of purchase – penalty levy increases to double 
Conducting a business activity or hobby causing aggravation or nuisance to fellow residentsR 300
Not following the rules set out in the MOI with regards to Letting and Reselling of propertyR 600
Not obtaining a clearance certificate from the HOA prior to any transfer and prior occupying by a lesseeR 600